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"My work is inspired by a quest to capture patterns and colors in an effort to mark a thought.  I am inspired by pattern; both visual and behavioral.  I read once that a pattern is a solution.  What I find most interesting is that many times the problem is not east to identify.  We find ourselves repeating a solution: be it behavioral, cultural, or belief system, that unconsciously binds us to processes that are unfit to our true potentials.

As an artist, my work is split between a studio practice and being outdoors writing my name on surfaces.  I enjoy both for different reasons.  My studio practice allows me to develop a process of working through thoughts, ideas, concepts and present them as works of art.  It provides a platform for me to cover what is on my mind.

Currently, I write my name on walls for fellowship and marking time.  It's a pattern of activity that I've engaged in for over 3 decades.  In my commissioned work, my goal is to create a balance where graffiti writing and aesthetics serves as rhythm influencing the composition while meeting the clients objectives."

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