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Darren Oberto



I make art in order to process the outside world, to make sense of our surroundings, to make comparisons, and to circumscribe aspects of society.  These observations give meaning and bring enjoyment to my life.  My work practice is multidisciplinary, although painting is the nucleus from which most of my projects grow.  Traditional and historical significant materials and techniques are fascinating to me.  However, the contemporary often finds its way into my work as I explore and exploit newer materials and techniques.  The relationship of these materials within the same body of work provides commentary on the past while giving some indication as to the works place in time.  I am continuously rotating between several bodies of work, each on evolving into a multifaceted point of view.

Turntable Drawings

Construction, deconstruction and reconstruction are motivations for this kinetic process-based project.

Each piece develops from a solitary line into a seductive layering of marks.

Images emerge from the paper similarly to a piece of ceramic begin thrown or wood being turned in a lathe.

The introduction of chemicals and ink manipulation create an interplay between randomness and order, organic and plastic.

Connections to the natural world - micro/macro and terrestrial/celestial - are apparent.

There are strong allusions to geometry.

My desire is for the audience to find a place of meditation and inspiration within the works

Darren Oberto

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