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Bebop FutureFunk

Show Statement


Bebop FutureFunk is a whimsical blend of elements from African-American culture with elements from Japanese anime and Otaku culture. This exhibition explores ideas of cultural crossover, identity, and influence. Contemporary artist Takashi Murakami was noted as saying, “What is important in Japanese art is the feeling of flatness; our culture doesn’t have 3-D.”( So, given this revelation, this show attempts to combine the flat nature of Japanese art with the three dimensionality of western art through the lens of the black American experience.




Terence Byas also known as “Dredske” was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1982 and currently lives and works in the city as a painter, muralist, custom framer and freelance illustrator, and is also a member of the Chicago-based art collective RK design. The artist has been involved in exhibitions at Harrington College (2015), The Zhou B Art Center (2012), Murphy Hill Gallery (2011), OhNo Doom Gallery (2010), The River East Art Center/ Gallery (2009), and Around the Coyote (2006). His work is in the private collection of Jumaane N’Namdi of G.R. N'Namdi Gallery, Erwin Overes of Studio Oh!, and Nathan Mason of the Chicago Dept. of Cultural Affairs.


“My influences and inspirations are wide ranging, but the main themes that find their way into my works are inspired by French Impressionism, Japanese anime, street fashion culture, graffiti art, commercial illustration, and Abstract Expressionism.” –D

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