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Chuck Walker

Chuck Walker has been painting for nearly fifty years creating enigmatic figurative oil paintings. 

He works in large scale, mostly from memory, and produces endearing and compassionate, often dark and ominous, environmental situations to contemplate.


Chuck has described his work as, “a quest for spirit and intellect.”


“His imagery is dreamlike, reminding us of the moment of forgetfulness that occurs at at the edge of sleep…

they are like mythical beings that reflect back human trait...

a virtuoso painter who is never merely decorative and refuses to show off.”

     - (Margaret Hawkins curator, Through A Glass Darkly - 2008) 


“Chick Walker is an unusually gifted painter, who combines his own brand of eerie surrealism with fine paint handling.”

                - (Vicoria Lautman WBEZ Radio)


Chuck Walker was born in 1951, attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago on full scholarship from 1969-1973, and Saddleback College, Mission Viejo, CA 1981.  


His work has been exhibited at numerous venues including the Rockford Art Museum (1997), Hyde Park Art Center (1994), Chicago Cultural Center (1992), Chicago Botanical Garden (1990), Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago (1989), Contemporary Center or Art in St Louis (1988), Evanston Art Center (1988), and Artspace in San Francisco (1987).

Chuck enjoying a cup of Purple Line at the shop
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